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Posted on 2024/2/15

I want to start this journal entry with saying, unfortunately the past 5 months have been hell and back for me. I don't wanna go too deep into why, but know that it's just been one thing after another and it's been really, really hard to keep up with everything. My mental health, projects I work on and used to work on... it's been tearing me apart. I haven't been able to finish commissions within 2 months like I originally intended. It leaves me feeling incredibly guilty. Everyone I know has been incredibly understanding about this and I cannot thank them enough. I also want to thank those who follow me or visit my site for being patient with me as well.

Because of all of the hell that's been happening in my life, I needed something to pour my energy into. That energy resulted in a few things...

The Noise in Sonic Roboblast 2 Kart

Firstly, with the help of my dear friends Laventory and Hubster, we created The Noise for Sonic Roboblast 2 Kart!

GIF of The Noise in SRB2K
Multiple Noises flying towards the screen on their skateboards, before a signpost featuring The Noise falls onto the finish line.
GIF of The Noise in SRB2K
The Noise on a track inspired by Oh Shit!, flying towards the screen.
GIF of The Noise in SRB2K
The Noise drifting around on a track inspired by Peppibot Factory.

I'm incredibly proud of what me and my friends have made. We have more in the works as well, so I hope others are excited for them! I don't want to spoil too much on what's being made for this, so unfortunately I won't be showing much else. However, I am working on another thing I can show...

Pizza Tower 64 Co-op (Mod name TBD)

Friends and I occasionally play a multiplayer version of Super Mario 64 called SM64COOPDX. Someone made a mod for it called Character Select which allows modders to create custom character models and sounds for the game. I was inspired by a few Pizza Tower mods for Character Select and wanted to try to make my own interpretations of some of my favorite characters! I had experience in 3d modeling prior, although embarrassingly, only on ROBLOX. I have touched Blender before, but I wasn't too proud of the models I've created back then. So, I cautiously tried again and learned how to operate Blender...

... and I think the results were fantastic!

Peppino in SM64COOPDX
Peppino on top of the... no, not Pizza Tower, the Whomp Fortress tower.
Peppino in SM64COOPDX
Peppino exiting a door.
Peppino in SM64COOPDX
Peppino flying with the Wing Cap.

Thanks to my friend, 123a / Quotation, he has been ported into the world of super fucking Mario!!! He also has palette support, so if you wanted to give his hat and tank-top a specific color, you can!

Peppino in SM64COOPDX
Peppino standing in front of his Wing Cap.
Peppino in SM64COOPDX
Peppino putting on the Wing Cap.

We also got custom cap support! Yippee!!

Peppino in SM64COOPDX
Peppino walking towards the star statue in Peach's courtyard.

You may have noticed I said favorite characters, plural. That's because there's more...

Gustavo in SM64COOPDX
Gustavo standing in front of the star statue.
Gustavo in SM64COOPDX
Gustavo in the water of the star statue.
Gustavo in SM64COOPDX
Gustavo standing in front of a Toad in Peach's castle.

That's because Gustavo is also here!!! As of right now, he's also fully voiced by Skullduggery!! He's had one of my favorite Gustavo voices of all time, and it was an honor for him to voice this guy for my mod. This also means Peppino will be fully voiced as well, with the voice provided by my dear friend Devilredd! You can see his preformance as Peppino in a dub we preformed together here.

That's all there is to show, right? ... right?


Wait, no, I'm forgetting somebody. Somebody annoying.

The Noise in SM64COOPDX
The Noise hiding behind a staircase.
The Noise in SM64COOPDX
The Noise upclose to the camera.
The Noise in SM64COOPDX
The Noise taking off his cap.

The Noise is also here! His voice will be provided by my dear friend Zaidorz! Unfortunately I don't have an example to show folks, but trust me when I say I feel his voice is fantastic for Noise. And don't worry-- if for any reason you don't like any of the voices for the characters, there will be an additional voice pack that simply uses the voices and sound effects from Pizza Tower.

Thanks to Zaid for mixing the audio for the voices as well! Can't wait to see this pack finished.

Thank you all for reading this lengthy post. Hope you enjoy the projects I've been working on in the meantime!

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