Passion For Wikis

Posted on 2023/11/3

Lately, ever since I've started helping out the Pizza Tower Wiki, my idle interest in wikis has been rekindled. I've always had an interest in them, even when I was younger. Back when I used to co-own a public server with some friends, we even made a wiki on Fandom and documented each other... I think we abandoned it after a month, but it still gave me some sort of passion for documenting stuff. I wasn't really one to document stuff for a long time, until a few years ago with the release of Deltarune: Chapter 2. I've contributed a few things to The Cutting Room Floor, but not too much. Then, Pizza Tower happened this year, and now I've fallen into the autism trap.

Let me tell you about Homestuck wikis. I believe people should have the joy of contributing to a wiki about their interests at least once. Whether it's to fix grammatical mistakes, or because they want to help document stuff, I firmly believe it is something very enjoyable. I do not doubt for a second there are many people out there who will idly scroll on wikis about their interests, just taking in all of the information on the pages for fun. That's how I was for a decade. And while a wiki's work is never done, you can take a break at any time, because more likely than not, it's not going anywhere if it has a community behind it.

However, that reminds me... not every wiki is great. Idealy, they are, but unfortunately, Fandom exists. No, not fandom with a lowercase F, but the wikifarm company, Fandom, previously known as Wikia and Wikicities. Initially they were pretty good, but as they rebranded, they slowly got worse. Now, Fandom wikis are often riddled with misinformation, discussion pages not even relating to the wiki at all, and a lack of unique appearances. Granted, the last one isn't a big deal, but the joy of wikis for me is the quanitity of information WHILE looking unique and stylish. With the minimalization of the Internet, it pisses me off when I only get to see different colors. Give me borders! Give me art styles, damnit!!! ... Off track, but my point is, Fandom wikis suck. When the Pizza Tower Wiki migrated off of Fandom, I was estatic because I could finally contribute with my own knowledgebase of information. I've never made any meaningful contributions to the UNDERTALE or DELTARUNE wikis for the sole reason they're on Fandom. Back in 2016, I remember vandalising the snowman's trivia section, speculating on a connection between him and Sans. It took a week for it to be removed, if I recall correctly.

Also, Fandom treats its staff really badly, but that's neither here nor there. The company is comically evil occasionally, especially for other reasons I won't get into here yet.

Long story short, uhh... contribute to a wiki or two when you read this. Any little bit counts. Also consider checking out this video below:

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