Short Update

Posted on 2023/12/20

Hi chat everyone. I wanted to write a little blogpost in case I forget this month, or I simple do not have the time.

First, as usual, I want to shoutout the Pizza Tower Wiki. Have been working on it again, mainly reworking how to categorize objects and blocks. Also I'm still just really proud of how the site looks.

Second, commissions status. I still have 3 left to complete, and because unfortunately these past 2 months have been... a really mixed bag, to be honest, it might be a while. I feel bad because I do genuinely want to work on them, but with a lot of horrible private things pushing it back, it's hard. Also, I have a job now. I work in retail. I enjoy the physical aspect of it.

Third, I am slowly working my way through UNDERTALE YELLOW. Unfortunately I do not have very positive opinions on it in terms of its writing and character design. The background and tile art is fantastic though. I do want to write a full review eventually.

And last, with Christmas coming up, I want to thank everyone for their support. It still means a lot. Also, free Palestine. Really upsetting to see what Palestinians are going through right now.

Happy holidays!

One last thing, apologies: ChristmAUs 2023 is out, and it's a game! Play it here!! Marlette is in it!

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