Eddsworld is a webtoon created by the late Edd Gould (1988 - 2012) around 2003. It originally started on Newgrounds, but found it's way to YouTube. Between Eddisodes, it uploads comics on its website. Currently, Matthew Hargreaves, a friend and co-star on Eddsworld is running the show. Thomas Ridgewell, another friend and co-star on the show, previously ran it from 2012 to 2016.

The series is about three guys, Edd, Tom and Matt (and previously Tord) living in London. They get into various hijinks, ranging from normal everday sillies to very life threatening.


Should I watch it?

If you liked asdfmovie and or old Newgrounds animations, you'll probably love Eddsworld! It sometimes has the energy of asdfmovie with its violence and randomness, but it's more character-driven in the sense that we get to know who lives in Edd's world.

I never got into it until early 2022 because of Friday Night Funkin' fan content (specifically FNF Vs. ONLINE), but ever since I've introduced myself to the series proper I haven't been able to let it leave my head. It's been my latest hyperfixation, and I can't stop doodling the characters.

What is the deal with Tord?

Long story short, Tord was an online friend of Edd's. They met on SheezyArt and eventually, he was added into his little webtoon. Eventually, when Eddsworld blew up in popularity, Tord opted to leave because he didn't want to mooch off of Edd's popularity and he wanted to build his own career as an artist. Unfortunately, the way Tord was written off of the show in 25ft Under the Seat raised more questions than answers for viewers and it lead to the harassment of Tord and everyone on Eddsworld. It got to the point of Tord being recognized in real life, and he had to pretty much go in hiding online.

Tord is still alive and living his own life. He is online, but he'd much like to be left alone. He doesn't go by any of his previous usernames online anymore to avoid attention.

What happened with Tom, is he bad? Does he voice the character anymore?

To avoid re-iterating what Tom himself said, I'll just link what he said. Long story short, mental health is a bitch and I don't blame him.


People who are friends with me know that I have a hard time picking just one favorite character. I often have multiple favorites, even more commonly tied at the same place! So, for this, I'll have sections explaining why each character I list here is my favorite.


Edd is both the straight man and the idiot and I love that about him. He's perfectly capable of being the "normal" guy and act responsible, but most of the time he would rather have fun doing his own thing with minimal property damage. While he's pretty humble for the most part, he has his moments of pettiness and high ego. Love that for him. Good for him!

We see it a few times in the show but I'd love to see his artistic abilities more. Also shoutouts to Ringo. I wanna see that cat more often. She's a sweetheart and I love her. Part of me wants to know how Edd got that little cat.


His head is so empty I'm not sure how he remembers to breathe. He loves collecting cool little trinkets and is the best at self-care and it's great. He's so silly! He may have a giant ego that occasionally drives him to violence, but he seems to constantly seek validation from his friends and it makes me wonder why that is. After all, in Surf and Turf Wars Pt. 1, he used to have a face full of acne... maybe his ego isn't as genuine as people think? Or maybe it's nothing.

I like to think he probably has a small interest in fashion... Why else would he be the only one wearing a green overcoat? Purple and green look fantastic together!!


I love his style of humor. He's so sarcastic, apathetic, random, and just... ough. He's very passionate about what he likes and I'm here for it. You be critical of writing and movies, little guy! You enjoy music and making movies!! He's so critical of media and everyone and everything and I think it's really funny. He reminds me of Squidward from Spongebob in that way. His love for Susan is adorable yet funny... I'd love to see how he got into playing the bass and I'd love to see him play it more.

I love Tom's aesthetic and I want to see him in more outfits. I feel like he would really rock the punk style. Hell, put him in a ponytail. It would be reall spiky-looking and cool.


If you made a "Top 10 People Who Dumped Their Friends For Power" video this guy would be on it. He interests me a lot, especially considering what Edd Gould and TomSka were originally going to do with him. Oh, yeah, I made an entire video on this idiot analyzing him. Fuck.

Tord's the token edgy boy and Tumblr sexyman and something about that is really fun. I love drawing him in a cold way, where he seems aloof in this confident, off-ish attitude... Many portray his as an evil mastermind, but to me this guy is just a hentai addict who tends to like violence a lot too. I like to think he and Edd were really good friends before The End. When Tord left, contact problably fell through, until that day. Wonder if he dropped the Red Army stuff after that?


This dude is the definition of petty. If it wasn't for him and Edd trying to kill each other before The End, I'm absolutely positive the rest of them would make for pretty decent friends. That makes it kind of funny to me, actually! The neighbors achieve hivemind status for mandatory Edd Bullying Moments. It's all fun though, and nobody's actually hurt by the pettiness... probably.

I love that he's Edd's main two traits but swapped; instead of being caring but is a little bit of a jerk, he's a jerk but is a little caring. He's like a cactus. A tsundere, if you will. Who doesn't like a good cactus?

It will always forever fuck with me that he canonically got bitches and is dating Laurel. While in one comic they're exes, it's even pointed at in The End Pt. 2, so they're probably still together. Goddamn. I'm happy for him.


I can fit so much headcanon into this guy it's insane. And the worst part is I don't know if half of it is implied by canon or if it's me just thinking of what would fit or be natural for him. I do know this guy is canonically gay thanks to a cameo in TomSka's own webtoon comic, so that's awesome!

I'm glad he's been getting some more character traits and personality as of late. My favorite thing is that, aside from his irrational fear of rabbits in Beaster Bunny, this guy CANNOT cook in the slightest. Contrast to Matt who's weirdly good at it. Ough, I love that.

I like to think he's an egghead and likes to read a lot. He probably still wears glasses like he did in primary school in PowerEdd, but only for reading. He's a nerd.


I personally think Jon shouldn't have died. I love this little idiot. You could fit a bit of autism in him I think. Maybe he would even say "yippee" sometimes.

His contrast with Tom is great. I love that instead of being sarcastic, he's completely literal. I like to think that it's half and half whether he's being genuine or not with being literal; sometimes he's honestly confused and doesn't get what you mean and other times he's just being a little stupid on purpose. Purposeful stupidity is great.

Someone introduced me to the idea of Jon playing the double bass and I think it's perfect. Tall instrument for little man. It's a nice contrast to Tom, too. I'd love to see him be musically involved.


I deeply wish TomSka didn't write her out of Eddsworld. I agree with why; we didn't need another episode like Dudette Next Door where the boys fight over a girl again, but OUGH she had NO time to shine! She's bubbly and silly and seems to have a genuine interest in movies and I wish we saw more of her. I like to think she never died because of Shoe. Rather, she just entered a concussion and survived, no biggie!! She can take it I think.

I like to think that while she's generally very positive and uplifting, she can be a little sassy and sarcastic too. Like, if Tom asked her what she thought of Space Cats, it would probably go something like this:

"It was great!"
"No, but I had fun!"

I really wish we saw more of her and Eduardo's relationship together. They're so great. Energetic movie lady and her petty cactus.


Hammer and Fail

Hammer and Fail is my favorite episode from Eddsworld, hands down. There's a lot that I really love about this episode. I love how simple it starts out, all stemming from Matt's tendency to hoard little trinkets. I'd love to see that part of Matt explored again in the future, but, regardless, I think it's a perfect segway into the main plot of the episode: getting a new floor to the house. It wastes little time setting up the situation, and it's nice to see the boys work together to make something instead of take something down.

Friends of mine know I adore the neighbors- Eduardo, Jon and Mark. Their debut here is so great, and I love their dynamic with Edd and his own crew. A lot of things are implied about them too, without outright stating who these guys are, and I love subtle story telling and character building like that. It's easy to grasp that the neighbors take the traits of Edd's crew and flip them a little! Edd is overall caring but can be a dick, while Eduardo is overall a dick but still cares a little. Tom is sarcastic and apathetic, while Jon is literal and (in a later eddisode) empathetic. Matt is impulsive and doesn't really think, and... well, Mark doesn't have much going on here for now. Still, I love it! I think my favorite is Tom and Jon, because to me they feel like different approaches to dry humor. It's very great and it scratches an itch in my head.


WTFuture is a really memorable episode for the simple fact that the main four's future selves-- yes, four-- has implied lore. It's easy to miss and not think about, but I think it's incredibly interesting. This was where the Red Leader plot started to slowly be sprinkled in, as Edd and Tom started to work on the storyline for it. It would've been connected to an original comic series they were making, "Super Average", but unfortunately that didn't pan out. Still, it's super cool to see how it slowly was being implemented. Future Tom and Future Matt seem to work with Red Leader, considering they want to stop Future Edd from changing the past for "selfish needs." Obviously Future Edd isn't associated with Red Leader, and I think that in itself is incredibly interesting. Obviously he wants to prevent the future from happening, although for... petty reasons, and not the best way to go about it either, but it makes me wonder why the two others want to stop him from altering the past. Wouldn't they want a better future, too?

A detail I really love about this is in the beginning, Tom explains how the events of Zombeh Attack 3 lead to him moving in with Edd. How Matt and Tord turned back to normal being left as a mystery aside, I always loved that Tom didn't always live with Edd and moved in due to his landlord assuming Tord's skeleton to be his and renting out the apartment to someone else.

Also, this is a personal bit, but I like to think that Matt changed the present back from him being the ruler of everything because while the praise and attention is great, it eventually stops feeling genuine and he misses how Edd and Tom used to be. Shut up, this is my headcanon now.

Movie Makers

I'll admit, this is a favorite specifically because it introduces Laurel. At first, she doesn't have much going on for her, as Tom even calls her sex appeal for their movie they're making. However, after the filming, she's incredibly excited and happy to see the final product of the movie. She loved working with them and found it so much fun, and wants to work with them again on something in the future. Unfortunately, she's killed off by Shoe. Damnit, Tom, why'd you do her like that... I like to think she was just knocked out and got a concussion. She's completely okay and just needed a week in the hospital. You can't disprove me because we see her and Eduardo holding hands in a doodle by Tom in The End Part 2 so she's definitely still alive. I'm not in denial, you are.


This section will mainly highlight classic-era comics. I love the newer comics too, and was really tempted to include some of them! Specifically Blast, the Junk Sale saga, Go Long, Zord, and Draw. Unfortunately, I was wearing my nostalgia goggles for a series I didn't watch as a kid. That, and I tend to lean towards literal humor. I hope in the future, more comics will have little sagas... I've always liked it when that happened. I'm a sucker for little ministories.


I'll be honest, it took me until I ran into a Tumblr post near the end of the year to get the joke. Unfortunately, I'm not that smart. You see, the joke is "what's in cider" sounds like "what's inside her," and because Tord is reading a porn magazine, it sounds like Edd is asking what is inside the women he's looking at... I can't believe it took me a whole year to get that.

I think I like this one a lot because even before I got the joke, I still found it funny! I think it's just how nonchallant Tord is about the question and how he mishears it.


Many feel this didn't age well, and I can understand why. Even Eddsworld staff feel it hasn't aged the best. However, as a flaming homosexual bisexual person, I think this comic is fucking great. It's such a simple bit that definitely reeks of late 2000's humor, but I'm a sucker for that kind of humor. This is my favorite gay joke in Eddsworld because it's more than a "oh that's gay" joke. It's a pun on a fire critter being called gay.


This is such a simple concept but it's so great. Of course Tord would take the opportunity to take something literal on purpose and use his gun. His expression is so fucking manic and stupid and I love it.

I wonder why Edd was looking for photographers, though... maybe for a nice photo of all four of them to hang in the house? That would be sweet. Or, maybe, that's my own sentimentality talking.

Therapy (Rape mention)

Once again, another comic reflecting old 2000's humor. Also yet again, I love it so much. To me, it doesn't make light of rape in a way that takes away from how serious it is. Rather, it's just wordplay! Dark wordplay, but I love dark humor, so of course I'm gonna love it. I think my favorite part is how it's ambiguous on what actually happened. Did Matt and Edd just walk in and realize what the place was, and left? Or did something happen to them? We'll never know, and I love that it's ambiguous like that.