Welcome to the Special Interest Zone! This is where I talk in depth about things I'm either hyperfixated on, or just things I like and want to share with the world.

As an autistic person, I find myself often clinging and becoming very attached to certain pieces of media. Most often that media is a video game, but there are other things I find myself very close to as well! Why not take a look and see what this place has to offer? Who knows-- maybe you'll find something new you might like!

Click a button to get taken to that interest's page.

NOTE: Not every Interest Zone page has been updated to the newer format. Tread with caution!


Can I use the buttons?

Of course! Preferably, use them with credit to me for making them.

What should I link them to?

Link them to anything you want! The official material, the media's store page, whatever works for you!

Can I make an Interest Zone for my site?

I don't own the idea of having an "Interest Zone," so go for it! Plus, I'd love to see how people make their own versions of it.