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This is my little corner of the Internet. It acts like a little hub center for everything related to me.


I now have a custom domain,, so if I ever make a switch, there's no difference for anyone accessing my website.

I previously announced that I was moving to NekoWeb, but I am not doing that anymore. See this post for an explanation.

Also, I have a wrist injury. Whoops. Don't really know how that happened.

Latest Journals

A small section of my website where I talk about anything! Even includes a comment section to share your own thoughts.

To-do List

  • Add Gallery View for relevant Works pages
  • Add new Shrine pages
    • ANTONBLAST / Antonball Deluxe
    • Mario & Luigi RPG
    • My Little Pony
    • Pokemon Mystery Dungeon
    • Super Paper Mario


My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Portal 2 UNDERTALE Vaporeon


Transmasculine Pride Webring

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