July 12 Slight addition

July 8 Reorganization

July 3 Reorganization

  • Moved Marlette Window out of Home page to site sidebar
  • Reorganized site sidebar
  • Moved Fanlist and Webring sidebars to Home page
  • Fixed a bug of my sona's icon not showing on About page


June 30 News

June 17 News

June 16 News


May 12 Journal


Apr 25 Journal


Mar 30 Flash

  • Uploaded charlie brown eddworl dances.swf and tomatthug.swf to the Flashes page

Mar 17 Tweak

  • Ported Newgrounds and Sheezy button icons to home page

Mar 14 Journal Post

  • The Noisening
  • Changed line height from default to 1.5 for an easier time reading

Mar 2 Little Additions

  • Added Newgrounds font to the Newgrounds button on About page
  • Added Sheezy.art button to About page


Feb 22 Tiny-ass Tweaks 3

  • Added organization of posts by year in Journal Post List
  • Edited column display on Update page

Feb 21 Tiny-ass Tweaks 2

Feb 16 Tiny-ass Tweaks

Feb 15 New Journal Post



Dec 20 New Journal Post


Nov 3 New Journal Post


Oct 5 Life Update + Minor Adjustments

  • Life Update
  • Adjusted padding of main content frame on bigger monitors


Sep 5 Commissions page

  • Commission page is now live
  • Fixed latest art buttons not linking to their posts


Aug 12 Works page

  • Added new category, Animation
  • Edited ordering of SiivaGunner works

Aug 2 New Journal Post


July 31 New Journal Post + Moving Things Around

July 9 FAQ section

July 8 Marlette Section on Home

  • Changed Marlette section on Home page to fit with the Comic Site style

July 3 Relocating Webrings


June 28 Added new work

  • New comic work under Eddsworld on the Works page

June 27 Joined another Webring

June 24 New Flags to Queer CSS page

  • Grayromantic flag

June 17 Happy Pride!

June 12 New Journal

June 3 More Minor Adjustments

  • Added Interest Zone links to Navigation Bar, About page, and Extras page
  • Moved links to Shrines to Interest Zone page
  • Removed individual links to Shrines from Extras page
  • Removed Herobrone


May 30 Minor Adjustments

  • Added Latest Journals section to Home Page

May 29 New Journal Post + Webring

May 28 Pizza Tower Shrine Page

May 13 Eddsworld Shrine Page Revamp

  • Updated Eddsworld Shrine page
    • Added more episodes in the Eddisodes section
    • Added more comics in the Comics section

May 8 New Works Page

  • Remade Works page to be less cluttered and fit with new style


Apr 25 HTML Comment Box

  • Added HTML Comment Box to Journal Posts

Apr 19 Minor adjustments

  • Added "Back to Top" in footer
  • Added Journal link to Navigation

Apr 18 Optimizing Look

  • Changed how the header is sized to appear correctly on mobile

Apr 16 Overall site work

  • Revamped About page
  • Removed Yesterweb ring due to it shutting down

Apr 15 Banner work Part 2

  • Added a lil' guy on the banner
  • Added a background to the banner
  • Changed banner text colors

Apr 14 Banner work

  • Added name to banner

Apr 13 Progress on Layout

  • Reformatted pages to fall in-line with new style
    • Extras
    • Flash
    • Hi Guys Collection
    • Update Logs
  • Edited iFrame to have scrolling set to no
    • Due to a bug, set the Guestbook link to open in a new tab

Apr 12 New Site Layout

  • Reformatted to look similar to old BBS forums / late 2000's DeviantArt
  • Tweaked colors

Apr 9 New Webring

  • Added Vocaloid Webring widget


Mar 19 New Additions

  • Added Eddsworld work to Art + Writing sections on Works page
  • Added section about Marlette on Home page
  • Added Marlette to Pages section on Extras page


Feb 26 Polishes + New Stuff

  • Replaced "Latest Story" section with "Latest Video"
  • Cleaned some CSS / HTML code
  • Added new section to Home page, will be edited later

Feb 8 Minor changes

  • Changed how some CSS works
  • Changed styling of YesterWeb Ring
  • Joined Hotline Webring


Jan 31 Shrine Update

  • Added thoughts on Paper Mario: TTYD Chapter 4 & Vivian
  • Added more badges in the Badge section of the Paper Mario: TTYD Shrine

Jan 30 Shrine Update

  • Added thoughts on Paper Mario: TTYD Chapter 3 & Yoshi Kid

Jan 27 Mobile Things

  • Finally created a functioning mobile layout

Jan 26 Tweakings

  • Tweaked Home page's collumn sizes to fit smaller PC screens

Jan 24 Bugfixing + Some new stuff

  • Fixed Videos on Eddsworld Shrine page not resizing correctly
  • Fixed Works page's links not opening correctly
  • Added To-Do list on Home page
  • Tried to fix Main Frame resizing... again

Jan 21 Linkable pages

  • Using a script from MelonKing, you're now able to link to pages of the site without being taken outside of the navigation frame (see Credits page for info)

Jan 19 Bugfixing Again

  • Updated sizing of Content frame to resize more accurately

Jan 18 Implementing Fallbacks

  • Added fallback fonts for main site

Jan 17 TTYD Page Progress 1

  • Wrote thoughts on Chapter 2
  • Added thoughts on Chapter 1's Peach and Bowser segments

Jan 16 Paper Fucking Mario!!!

  • Made Paper Mario: TTYD shrine public

Jan 11 Spacing

  • Changed how Webrings, Buttons & Lists section on Home page resizes

Jan 10 Font Size Changes

  • Changed most font size measurements from px to em

Jan 8 One New Feature

  • Added status.cafe status to Home page
  • Changed how titles / sections on pages work

Jan 6 Polishes

  • Edited formatting on Works, About, Home, Extras, Flash, and Hi Guys Collection page
  • Reorganized main CSS File
  • Added Guestbook123 link to Extras and Home
  • Added Status, About Site, and Recent Writing section to Home page

Jan 4 Organization + Javascript

  • Moved Song Lyric script on Home.html to Javascript folder
  • Changed font size from 22px to 20px
  • Optimized code with Flex property

Jan 2 Formatting + Bugfixing

  • Added Mettaton to Favorite Character section on UNDERTALE Shrine page
  • Changed how the flexbox in Favorite Character section works on UNDERTALE Shrine page
  • Fixed Footer link not opening in iFrame
  • Fixed list formatting on Work pages



Dec 31 Polishing up again

  • Changed how Lists are formatted
  • Added Update History page to Extras (that's here!!)
  • Added custom scrollbar colors to UNDERTALE Shrine page
  • Added unique colors to highlighting text to UNDERTALE Shrine page
  • Changed Site Changes section to Latest Work section
  • Added Last Updated footer to home page

Dec 30 Polishing up

  • Changed and added Headers and Footers to many pages

Dec 28 Webrings

  • Added YesterWeb Ring to Webrings section

Dec 27 Fixes again

  • Edited UNDERTALE Shrine page's background animation speed
  • Added Eddsworld button to Eddsworld Shrine page
  • Added UNDERTALE button to UNDERTALE Shrine page
  • Added Fanlists subsection on Webrings, Buttons & Lists section

Dec 26 New stuff

  • Added UNDERTALE Shrine page

Dec 25 Optimization

  • Made Flash player on Flash page resizable

Dec 22 Tweaks

  • Changed scrollbar colors on Eddsworld Shrine page
  • Added Eddsworld section to Credit page

Dec 21 Organization again

  • Moved Site Button to Extras page
  • Changed Webrings & Buttons section to display current webrings and friend websites
  • Added Programming section on Works page
  • Added Eddsworld Shrine page to Extras page
  • Modified how the container resizes

Dec 20 Bugfixes + Minor stuff

  • Made buttons on About page open in new tab
  • Added more song lyrics to Home page ribbon
  • Added song lyric information under Home page ribbon
  • Added Webrings & Buttons section on Home page
  • Updated Not Found page slightly
  • Updated Extras page with links
    • Link to Flash
    • Link to Credit
    • Link to / Creation of Hi Guys Collection

Dec 18 Organization

  • Finished Work page
  • Removed long works list in About
  • Reformatted About page
  • Placed Profile Picture in About page
  • Added offsite buttons in About page

Dec 15 Smaller things

  • Custom Scrollbars
  • Constricted Site Changes section's height
  • Started work on Work page how ironic
  • Fixed spacing for Page Titles
  • Gave home page's ribbon bar randomly selected text
  • Ribbon text scrolls for now Nevermind

Dec 14 Updated About Me

  • Added Programs Used section
  • Added My Work section

Dec 12 Many changes to the site

  • Added an Update section
  • Edited how tags worked