Commission Status

Slot Details


While I am willing to draw mostly anything, I have some boundaries that have to be set. These lists include, but are not limited to what they contain. If you have questions, feel free to ask!

Please note that if I find out after the fact that what you commissioned me to draw for you violates any of my rules, I will block you and refuse service to you for an indefinite amount of time.


  • Original Characters
    • Characters set in [x] universe
  • Specific art style within my range
  • Shipping with consenting parties
  • Character reference sheet
    • Notice: I will not design a character for you.

Not Allowed

  • Animation
  • Complex designs
    • Mechas
  • Hateful content
  • Illegal content
  • NSFW content
    • Fetish material


For commission inquiries, you may contact me at superkirbylover at gmail. If you are friends with me, you may contact me through my Discord account.

When emailing me about an inquiry, please title it "Commission Inquiry" and detail what you want. State what type of Character Art and Background if applicable you would like. If you have a specific pose in mind, describe it clearly. Please attach references if possible. Even if you don't view yourself as an artist, sketching out a visual of the pose you would like is a great help. If you have a specific art style you want me to draw in, please let me know! Price may change based on the style requested.

If you don't specify a pose, I will either ask for one or sketch a pose out before coloring it if applicable.

Please note that I will typically check the email during weekdays and only when my commissions are open.

Email Examples

Both of these are examples of good emails to send! Clear, concise, and to the point. Also provides references when needed. Please pretend the formal email attached a reference of their character.

Payment & Refunding

Payment will be sent via invoice through PayPal only. I will only begin once payment has been made. After payment has been made, if at any time before nearing completion you need to cancel the commission, I will refund 70% of the payment.

Disclaimer: I reserve the right to refuse service for any reason necessary.

Character Art

Prices listed are the initial base price. If you want another character, take the base price and divide by two. For example, if you want a sketch of two characters, it would be $20 USD + $10 USD.

If you would like only a bust or a section of the character drawn, the price will be lowered.


$20 USD

Colored Sketch

Outertale Marlette
$25 USD


Peppino holding a gun and also Peppino at a grill
$30 USD

Colored Lined

Poppy from Poppy's Story
$35 USD

Lineless Basic

Asriel and Chara in 1920's styled outfits
$35 USD

Lineless Render

Baby Edd horror
$45 USD


If you do not wish to have a background, you will not be priced for this section.


Eddsworld Trio
$15 USD


Pizza Tower Bullet of '45
$25 USD


Saloonatics Redraw
$25 USD


WTFuture Redraw
$45 USD