• NameSKL
  • PronounsShe/He/They
  • Age


I'm an autistic artist with a variety of skills. Primarily I like to illustrate and animate, but I also can design, program, write... close to a jack-of-all trades!

My skills are completely self taught, starting out since 2010 at the ripe age of 8 with my first deviantArt account. It introduced me to the world of the internet, a place to share works and learn so much. It's been wonderful seeing the webspace grow and change, and changing me as well.

Want to know about my interests? Take a trip to the Interest Zone!

Skillset & Resources

  • Animation
    • Flash CS6
  • Illustration
  • Pixel Art/Spritework
  • Programming
    • CSS
    • HTML
    • Lua
  • Writing

Frequently Asked Questions

How did you learn to [x]?

Long story short, I found out you could do something and googled tutorials. I watched YouTube videos, asked people I knew for help, and learned on my own. For the most part, I think it's one of the best ways to learn-- through a hands-on experience! At least, it's one of the best for me. I definitely would have benefited from some classes.

If you have a deep enough interest for something, research it and figure out how to do it! It's how I learned about a lot of my own passions.

How did you get on / work for [x]?

Unironically I don't have a good answer for this, because most of the time it's either:

  • I asked to be on the team / do something for them
  • I was already friends with relevant people in that sphere
  • I just applied through e-mail

So I guess my answer truthfully boils down to just... don't force it to happen? Obviously, if you have a goal in mind, work towards it, but don't do something with the intent of "I'll be able to do [x] if I do this!" because you'll set yourself up for failure. Just be a funny, likeable person and you'll probably get somewhere eventually. Unfortunately, it kind of comes down to luck.

Can you draw [x]?

You can usually... commission me... it's not free, but you can do that...

Can we be friends?

this is the worst kind of question to ask just TREAT ME LIKE A NORMAL PERSON!!!